A Monologue with the Æther

A Bicycle Odyssey

Day Fifty-five: Wednesday 22 August 1990

Glendo State Park, WY to Virginian Motel, Casper, WY

More riding on the interstate until I near Casper, Wyoming. The ride is unremarkable. I will need to spend sometime in Casper as I’m waiting on a mail drop at the post office there. I start looking for a motel as I enter town. I remember seeing a billboard advertising a Motel 6. This is back when that chain was still advertising $6 a night room rates. On my entire journey I never found a single Motel 6 that actually charged that rate ever single one was higher, as was the one advertised on that billboard in Casper.

As I’m riding through Casper, I come across the Virginian Motel. I take it as a sign. The rates were under $20 a night, and the rooms were clean and tidy. I check in to the Virginian.