A Monologue with the Æther

A Bicycle Odyssey

Day Seventeen: Sunday 15 July 1990

Friend's Apartment, Richmond, VA to Sheldon's Motel and Restaurant, Keysville, VA

This day dawns overcast, wet, and nearly 20° Fahrenheit cooler. I leave Richmond, VA bound for Rocky Mount, VA to visit a former co-worker who had moved there. Don’t get me wrong it’s still hot and humid, but it’s bearable. The ride is easy; the rain mostly drizzle and quite intermittent. I end up in Keysville, VA and stay in a motel. Although I’m not certain, I’m fairly positive that I stayed at Sheldon’s Motel and Restaurant where I remember eating either a Chef’s salad or Cobb salad containing the most fabulous tasting tomatoes that I’ve ever eaten in my life. Twenty years later and I still remember those tomatoes.