A Monologue with the Æther

A Bicycle Odyssey

Day Seventy-six: Wednesday 12 September 1990

Napa, CA to Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

I leave Napa, California, riding over the hills to Sonoma Valley. I turn south heading to the San Francisco Bay. I reach Novato, California and have to leave the only obvious route to the Golden Gate Bridge. Stopping at a gas station, I attempt to get directions or a map. The station attendant directs me to a local bicycle shop where I might find help.

At the shop, I am directed to the North San Francisco Bay/Sacramento Bicycle Touring Map. It shows the bicycle accessible roads and paths. Even with the map, it is difficult finding my way to Sausalito, California. I head for the road up and out of Sausalito to the Golden Gate Bridge. I keep my eye out for a pay phone. I need to call my friend, Dave. I find a phone just on the outskirts of Sausalito outside of a convenience store. I call Dave, and we arrange to met on the span of the Golden Gate Bridge at 2 pm.

I turn around, heading back into the waterfront area of Sausalito where I buy a decent slice of pizza. Rest break over, I head for the climb up to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a stiff climb up to the bridge. I reach the Vista Point overlooking the bridge and the bay. I’m still a little early for meeting with Dave, so I take a break until it is closer to the meet time.

I ride out on the bridge using the pedestrian/bicycle path on the east side of the bridge. As I near the center span, a white ribbon of paper towels appears across my path. On one side is my friend, Dave and the other his roommate, Matt. Before I can break the ribbon, the wind does it for me, just as I reach it.

Dave introduces me to Matt. We all chat briefly; then, walk the rest of the way across the bridge to the visitor’s parking on the San Francisco, California side.