A Monologue with the Æther

A Bicycle Odyssey

Day Thirty-one: Sunday 29 July 1990

Eagle Valley Campground, Sanders, KY to Clifty Motel, Madison, IN

Today’s ride is a short distance ride. From the campground until I reach the Ohio River, I’m riding through rolling hills. It’s a mice day as most of my ride since leaving the heat wave that I started in have been. The reason it’s a short day: the local water. The local tap water comes from untreated wells, is mineral heavy, and tastes strongly of rust. It weighs heavily in my gut. So much so, that by only a couple hours in to my ride, I’m feeling quite nauseous. When I reach Madison, Indiana, I decide to knock-off early. I find a cheap motel called the Clifty Motel which appears to no longer exist on my map I place it somewhere near the junction of IN 256 and IN 62. I check in, rest awhile, and swim.