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Flirting with GIS

I have for more than a while been ruminating on using a map as an interface to my cross-continental bicycle trip. It seems to me to be a much more intuitive means of accessing the information that I’ve posted about my ride. I currently have a partial solution in uMap, but it merely lets me display my routes which is a good beginning. Over the weekend while researching how to get the elevation data for a given latitude and longitude, I not only found a solution in a ruby library, GeoElevation which accesses the SRTM data, but I also wrote a quick little 3 function library to calculate distance between cartographic coordinates using the Haversine formulation. I am now working on mapping the entirety of my route and capturing it as not just the map displayed by uMap, but also, as GPX files, GPS Exchange format. Once, I am finished; I will be able to generate distance and elevation profiles for my ride.