A Monologue with the Æther

Things Left to Do

I last wrote about the tool Compass: how it is a tool that makes writing CSS styles less onerous. Currently, my site is minimally styled, incomplete, and probably breaking usability and discovery for most visitors. Styling content takes time especially to make sure that everyone visiting sees essentially similar output.

As I stated above, my site is probably breaking usability and discovery for visitors. I have some ideas about elevating discovery, but they must be implemented in the custom tools I wrote to help nanoc produce the site the way I envision it.

I am also working on a tool that reads and selects photos from the SQLite database that is home to my digital photo collection. It is a languishing work in progress.

I also have some other projects that I’ve created that have only been seen by small physical audiences, but that are digital and could be lifted for viewing on the web. Again time is needed to work on converting or finding a good solution to convert these projects with some tweaking for display on the web.

All this and more is in the future, one which is coming sooner.