A Monologue with the Æther

Panaeolus subbalteatus

“Do this,” he said, grinning broadly and madly.

Panaeolus subbalteatus It’s spring break The kids from the mountain valleys have come to the coast to the big city bringing gifts of hallucinogenic substances fresh from the cow pastures Panaeolus subbalteatus

I have acquired my first From the older brother of a friend We make the exchange behind the Naro Expanded Cinema where I plan on trippin and watching the midnight showing of Stop Making Sense

When my hippie parents gave me the talk, they included detailed explanations of the psychotropic, addictive, and toxic tendencies of “narcotic” substances deemed illict by our all-knowing government

I’ve only ever tried dope and shrooms don’t like dope did like shrooms

I’m prepared except Among the crowd in the lobby near the stair to the balcony is Brian

“Hey, I heard you’re dropping shrooms,” he says

I had not long before dropped several caps on my tongue letting them soften and feed me their psychoactive toxins then chewed and swallowed

“Yeah,” I say smiling

“Do this,” he said, grinning broadly and madly. I do “Now stop,” he says

Son of a bitch